Saturday, January 30, 2010

Grinding food

This weekend, I want to make a corn pudding recipe that I don't ever remember Gma making, but is in her recipe box just the same. I was going to make it today, but spent the whole day cleaning and am just exhausted, so it'll have to be tomorrow. It's a pretty straightforward recipe, but after you cook the corn, you're supposed to grind it.

How many of us have food grinders these days? Aside from the KitchenAid mixer attachment, I don't recall ever seeing them in a store. I do remember my mother grinding vegetables to make baby food for my brother way back in the mid-70s, but beyond that? No clue. If Gma had one, she must have stopped using it by the time I was old enough to hang out in the kitchen. Either that, or I've just forgotten it.

I assume I can put the corn in a food processor and get roughly the same result, but that part will definitely be an experiment in pulsing, I suspect. I don't want to end up with corn puree, after all, but judging how big the bits should be may come as a challenge. Any suggestions?

This is not the only recipe in the box that tells you to grind an ingredient or two, which makes me wonder what the history of the food grinder is. Is it basically the early version of a food processor, or was there something else to it? Another reason? I was surprised to see how often it came up in the recipe box, so if anyone out there knows anything about grinding food in the old days, I'm all ears!

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